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About Band Aid

In 1984, Band Aid and Live Aid were formed to help those suffering as a result of the Ethiopian famine.

Since then the world has changed dramatically and nowhere more so than in Africa. Across the continent, there has been hugely inspiring and positive change. Poverty is on the decline. Seven of the ten of the fastest growing economies are in Africa.

Child mortality rates have decreased significantly, AIDS contagion levels are beginning to recede, and more children - especially girls - are in school than ever before.

Yet Ebola has struck parts of West Africa. The World Health Organization has said that the outbreak is "unparalleled in modern times". The UN has recently called for a fivefold increase in government contributions to the fight against Ebola, and more skilled healthworkers are still needed. This is why Band Aid 30 exists.

CD Artwork

World renowned artist Tracey Emin contributed to the Band Aid 30 efforts by lending creative flair in the form of the official single artwork.

Band Aid 30 Artwork

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